Happy Wednesday and happy Spring!

Today I wanted to share this week’s podcast episode with you. It’s one of the many, many benefits of creating a podcast – portability.

I want you to think about how impactful it would be for you get your clients, your love list (thanks, Renee Hribar), your followers, took you and your message with you anywhere and everywhere.

Would that make a difference in YOUR business or the life of your family?

I know it has for me.

Here’s a video Daphne and recorded early on in this podcasting journey. It was recorded live on our old FB page and I wanted to share it live with you today.


Hello and happy Thursday everyone! I am coming to you much later than I normally do on Thursdays. We’ve been on the road today and got to spend the day in Salt Lake. So we were a little busy earlier today and it was not feasible to hop on live. So we’re cuddled up in our hotel room.

As you can see, I have a special guest with me today.  This is Daphne and I’m going to tell you a little bit more about her in just a moment.

As you’re tuning in live or watching the replay say hello and let me know where you’re tuning in from today.

All right. I’m going to take this mask off of us.

Well hello. Good to see you.

If we haven’t already met my name is Yong Pratt and for the past 16 years, I’ve been running a performing arts school. I’m transitioning to an online business where we help equip kids with real-world marketable skills so that they can work next to you my entrepreneurial friends and so that they can learn to FUND their own brighter futures.

So as I said earlier, this is my little helper. This is Daphne and we’ve been on a little adventure together for the past several months. Some of you have asked questions on how we make this all work.

What Daphne does is that she actually has learned to do a number of skills, mainly tech skills, in my businesses and she’s been helping me really build the behind the scenes of what happens here locally as well as what is going to be happening online starting in the New Year.

If you’re a parent and you’re a business owner and are interested in getting your kids into your business so that you can work side by side with them and really help to shape their future and shape the skills that they have, type YES in the comments below and let me know.

106 - Podcast Portability - Yong PrattWell, today we’re going to talk a little bit more about this podcasting journey. It is one of the requests that I get from so many business owners. They want to know how to start a podcast. What to do what to say how to make it all work behind the scenes. And yes there are lots of behind the scenes things that happen.

Today I wanted to share another reason why now it is such a great time to start your own podcast. Whether you’re a business owner or are somebody who is in the corporate world looking to diversify and really set yourself apart in the job market, a podcast is a super easy way to make that happen.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about different reasons why you might want to have a podcast. Today, I want to talk about portability because as we were traveling. Today one of the things I was able to do is to be able to listen to podcasts on the road.

So portability is such a huge factor in why you want to start a podcast sooner, rather than later. If you would be interested in finding out how you can get your perfect clients, your dream clients, to take you and your message with you everywhere they go, type “I’m in” the comments below and let me know because the portability podcasting is one of the many many many reasons you may want to start a podcast – especially as we head into the new year.

OK, my friends, it’s getting late here so we’re going to go snuggle up and probably watch a show together before we head off to bed for another travel day tomorrow.

If you have questions about podcasting reach out to me here on Facebook. And if you are interested in hopping on the phone and chatting about podcasting and how you can make it happen in the New Year I want you to go to this website. I’ll put it in the comments below after the video goes because I’m using my phone right now and I’m not able to type it in as we’re doing this video.

So you’re going to head to my website which is yongpratt.com/chat. For next week, I cleared my schedule to chat with 5 potential podcasters. If you’re interested in snagging one of those spots. Head over to the yongpratt.com/chat and get yourself booked on my schedule for next week.

All right, my friends, I will chat with you very soon. Until then have a good night. See you later.

106 - Podcast Portability - Yong Pratt Chat