It’s 2018 and with a new year, a new adventure begins for the Academy, the podcast, and for families everywhere. It’s time to shine the light on kids, celebrate their unique gifts, and equip them with real skills to make a real difference in the world. Welcome to Our Young Creators!


Our Young Creators was born out of an experiment. The experiment was to bring my 11-year-old daughter into my business and train her to perform some of the more technical tasks in my business so that I could replace my VA and pay her instead. I’m happy to report that the experiment has been a great success! Now, my 11-year-old possesses skills such as website migration, graphic design for blog posts and podcasts, embedding video and podcast content, tagging, alt text, and more.


When I’ve shared this experiment with other in parents and business owners, they’ve gotten super excited and want to bring their own kids into their businesses. Our Young Creators builds on my 17-year-old local performing arts school, weekly podcast (100 episodes strong by the end of Dec 2017), published book, and my love of technology, teaching, and empowering kids. Begin today, January 1, 2018 Our Young Creators is being unleashed into the world. Technically, it’s a rebrand of the 2 arms of my business (Elko Arts Academy and The Tech Savvy Studio Owner) and I couldn’t be more excited.


After working with thousands of kids and families over the past 17 years as the owner of a performing arts school and being the mom of 2 daughters, one of the common frustrations that I address is “How do I get my kids OFF their devices?”


My take on this is that it’s the wrong question to ask. I believe that by teaching kids to be intentional with their use of technology, we can turn consumption time into creation time. I want to equip kids with marketable, real-world skills like podcasting, videography, web and graphic design, etc. so that they can work side by side with their parents, serve others, AND fund their own brighter futures in the process.


Let’s make technology intentional and use it as a source for bonding, not bickering; for creation rather than consumption.


Join me over on our NEW home on FB and join in the movement where we raise kids together that become creators of their own brighter futures.


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