After 100 episodes, Yong reveals the new brand, the new direction, and the new opportunities for you and your kiddos coming in 2018 on The Big Reveal.


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Happy (almost) new year everyone!


I’m recording this episode just days before the new year.


I am beyond excited to be recording the 100th podcast episode this week and reveal to you what the future holds here on the podcast as well as what I’m doing locally.


I first have to say that it’s been my absolute pleasure to bring you the Raising smART Kids 2.0 podcast. I appreciate your inviting me into your world every week allowing me to share my passion for raising smarter kids through the arts with you.


As we approach the new year, I have to tell you that I am more excited about what lies ahead in the year than I’ve ever been. And for being a 17-year business, that should tell you a lot.


Ok, my friends, it’s time to reveal the new name for Podcast and of my local brick mortar business. Are you ready???


The new name and the new brand starting in 2018 is… Our Young Creators and you can find us online at and Our Young Creators on FB for now.


Our Young Creators was born out of an experiment. The experiment was to bring my 11-year-old daughter into my business and train her to perform some of the more technical tasks in my business so that I could replace my VA and pay her instead.


After working shoulder to shoulder for months, I’m thrilled to share with you that the experiment has been a tremendous success!


My 11 year old now possesses skills such as website migration, graphic design for blog posts and podcasts, embedding video and podcast content, tagging, alt text, and more. She’s able to do more for me technically than most business owners that I know. The best part is that I’ve been able to hire and pay her for these newfound skills. With these skills, she now works for me, but the really cool thing is that she’s able to serve the world (and fund her own future with these very skills).


When I’ve shared this experiment with other business owners, they’ve gotten super excited and want to bring their own kids into their businesses.


Our Young Creators builds on my 17-year-old local performing arts school, weekly podcast (100 episodes strong by the end of Dec), published book, and my love of technology, teaching, and empowering kids.


In 2018, Our Young Creators will be unleashed and is a rebrand of the 2 arms of my business (Elko Arts Academy and The Tech Savvy Studio Owner).


After working with thousands of kids and families over the past 17 years as the owner of a performing arts school and being the mom of 2 daughters one of the common frustrations that I address is “How do I get my kids OFF their devices?”


My take on this is that it’s the wrong question to ask. I believe that by teaching kids to be intentional with their use of technology, we can turn consumption time into creation time.


Here at Our Young Creators, we’re committed to equipping kids, training kids with marketable, real-world skills like podcasting so that they can work side by side with the entrepreneurial parents, serve others, AND fund their own brighter futures in the process.

Podcast Episode 100 - The Big Reveal - Daphne Taylor


I’m hardwired with a heart to serve kids. To help them understand that unique is beautiful and fitting in is a disservice to them – that who they are extremely valuable and the gifts they have are meant to be shared with the world in a BIG way.


Over the past 17 years, everything I’ve done (performing arts studio, podcast, book, rebrand) has revolved around giving kids the opportunity to shine and for parents to recognize and celebrate what makes their kids unique.


You see, I was the kid that always felt out of place and wanted desperately to fit in.

  • I was the kid that did well in school but performed embarrassingly on standardized tests.
  • I was that kid that always wanted to do things my own way but never did because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.
  • I was the kid that was too shy to raise my hand in class even when I knew all the answers.
  • I was the kid that never had the confidence to do the things I wanted because I thought people would laugh if I tried or if I failed.


Because of who I was as a kid, I NEVER want any kid to feel “less than.” I want to kids embrace themselves, their gifts, and not let anyone stop them from doing or becoming who they want. I want to see them SHINE and step into their immense potential.

Podcast Episode 100 - The Big Reveal - Yong Pratt


You might be wondering what this all means for the podcast?


Beginning on Feb 14, we’ll be releasing the new season of the podcast featuring our very own Young Creators.


This podcast will become the voice for kids to share their stories, their perspective, their creative genius, and transform into creators of their own futures.


With that in mind, Our Young Creators will be largely an online training center for kids and their parents. I’ve been fortunate enough to work side by side with my daughter and now is the time for all of YOU to create something amazing with YOUR own kids, with a little help from me 🙂


Our very first training is all about what I’m doing right now…podcasting. Let’s face it, there are lots of online trainings aimed at business owner and adults, but I haven’t run across any that specially address the desire of parents to bring their kids and family into their businesses or that teach kids these types of skills.


You can grab our New Guide – 11 Reasons why NOW is the perfect time to start a podcast and get your family in on the fun.

Podcast Guide and Masterclass - Yong Pratt - Our Young CreatorsClick the image to grab a copy of the guide and reserve a spot in the Masterclass.

If you don’t run a business that okay, too. A podcast is something your entire family can do together as a new way to bond, not bicker, over technology.

You can grab the guide AND a spot in our Masterclass on January 20th. There is no charge for this masterclass, but there are limited spots available. This is a masterclass for you and your kids and it will be interactive.

Head over to the new website, and grab your guide and get access to the masterclass on January 20 at 9 AM Pacific time.

All the details will be emailed directly to you and we’ll be meeting virtually to learn together and launch our podcasts.

Until the first episode of Our Young Creators is released on Feb 14, go and grab your guide and get access to this limited masterclass before the doors close.

Podcast Guide and Masterclass - Yong Pratt - Our Young Creators
Click the image to grab your guide and reserve a spot in the masterclass.