Ever wonder if I have a favorite episode? Fav Guest? Fav topic? On today’s episode, you’ll find out as I reveal my fav of all time.

Last week I revealed the TOP 17 most downloaded episode of 2017. This week as we inch closer to episode #100 of the podcast here at the end of 2017, I’m often asked which podcast episode is my favorite? This is often followed by, who was your favorite guest and which topic was my favorite to discuss.


The short answer is that they’re ALL my favorite episode.




Think about this…if you’re a parent and someone asked you which of your kids was your favorite.How would YOU respond?


In my case, both my daughters are my favorite, for different reasons. I am sure you would respond similarly. Each child brings his/her own perspectives, talents, strengths, and weaknesses to the world. No singular attribute edges the other out so that I can declare a winner, or a favorite child.


Instead, each podcast, much like a child has offered me another opportunity to become a better version of me. I’ve prepping for this podcast with some serious introspection, here are the top 3 reasons why podcasting is and will continue to be part of my legacy.


Over this past year, I was able to grow as an individual. I’ve been forcing myself to stretch outside my introverted tendencies so that I can share my passions with you.


Just like a dancer or musician in my performing arts school gets better with practice and mentorship, so too have I become a better podcaster through repeated practice. Through repetition, feedback from other successful podcasters, and by refining my own personal process, I’ve learning of and refining my own process, I’ve grown as a storyteller, interviewer, and creator.



A podcast is one of the greatest gifts I’ve given to myself. You might think that’s an odd thing to say because a podcast is, after all, work. From editing, uploading, syndication, and everything in between, putting together a weekly podcast does require time and effort. For me, though, the effort is more than worth it to connect with phenomenal individuals from around the world to share ways to Raise smARTER kids through the arts. If not for the podcast, I may never have had the privilege of meeting them, let alone finding trusted advisors and partners in the process.



When I set out to relaunch the podcast, I did it of my desire to celebrate kids and give parents a resource to do the same. Each episode enabled me to walk hand in hand with you as you celebrated your own kids; their unique gifts and talents and to instill in them that who they are and what bring to the world is so important.


As we head into 2018, let me ask you a question? What do you want create with your kids in the new year?


Maybe you’re looking for ways to connect, strengthen, or catapult your relationship to a new level.


If this is you, I have some good news, well, in fact, great new for you!


We’ll be revealing our new name, new brand, and new mission on episode #100 so make sure to you tune in to find out what 2018 will bring.


Until then, I wanted to share with you that we’re planning ways for you to connect with your kids, work side by side with him or her, and to create awesomeness together! And I’d be thrilled if you joined in on the fun!


If you’re excited for what 2018 brings, shoot me an email and let me know: hello@yongpratt.com.


And just to let you know, even with the amount of emails I get from podcast listeners, my Academy families, over at the Tech Savvy Studio Owner, not to mention my personal emails, I still check and respond to them myself.


So send me an email, let me know what you’re most excited to create with your kiddos in the new year!


Next week, I’ll be revealing the awesomeness that 2018 has in store for you and your kiddos.


Cheers my friend!