In today’s episode, Yong reveals the top 17 of 2017 based on downloads. Did your fav make the list? Tune in to find out…




Can you believe that 2018 is literally just around the corner??? On today’s podcast, I’ll be revealing your fav episodes of the podcast based on the number of downloads.


Before we head into the new year and I reveal what’s in store on the podcast and in my brick and mortar performing arts school, I wanted to reflect on 2017 with all of you.


My personal 2017 started off with a bang.


I joined a Mastermind and was surrounded by 11 other super successful women entrepreneurs and I had a clear vision of where my business was headed.


I got hired by fellow performing arts studio owners, along with local ones, to help them with their technology (FB ads, websites, etc) and The Tech Savvy Studio Owner was born.


I had a stockpile of podcast episodes scheduled to be released


My Virtual Assistant had taken over the majority of the behind the scenes magic to run multiple ventures,


I was excited about the adventures I had planned with my family.


Life was awesome…until it wasn’t.


In the dead of the night, on a bitterly cold and snowy day in January, we awoke to banging on our front door. Heart pounding, we headed to the front door, dreading what we’d discover on the other side of the pounding door.


In walked my parents neighbor and long-time friend with news that my little brother, my only sibling, was in the hospital with a life-threatening injury and it was bad….


I sent this friend to go gather up my parents and my oldest that was sleeping over at their house and head to the hospital. My husband, my youngest, and I prepped to head to the hospital to find out what on earth had happened that night on my youngest nephew’s birthday.


While upstairs, I received a phone call from my sister-in-law stating that my brother had passed…


And the world as I knew it came crashing down.


It’s been a steady uphill climb to find my new “normal” in 2017.


I didn’t share this story with your so that you could feel sorry for me. Just the opposite, in fact. This story illustrates how fleeting life can be. We often get so bogged down in the minutae of our daily lives, we often forget to live.


We forget to be grateful for every moment we are gifted on this planet.


We lose sight of being grateful for the people that mean the most.


As moms and dads, we neglect self-care to care for others.


Since losing my brother, I find that I don’t stress the small stuff as much anymore. Money and family are meant to be enjoyed. Not hoarded or ignored. I attempt to live each day full and make a difference.


I’ve not shared this story publicly before this post. Part of me wanted to keep it hidden away. Separate from what I do here on the podcast, in my Academy.


What I’ve realized, though, it that this experience, is now part of who I am. I used some of those great big emotions into work I shared here on the podcast. Turning to technology and growing that part of my business happened as a direct result of this incident.


Thank you for giving me the space to be really transparent and vulnerable with you this week. I so appreciate you for tuning in each week and supporting the podcast.


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And there you have it the top 17 most downloaded episodes of 2017. If you head over to episode #98, I’ll leave the links for all the episodes so that you can enjoy them all in one central place.

Next week, on episode #99, I’ll be sharing with you my own personal favorite episode.


Until next time.