In this episode Mercedes Samudio a parent coach will be talking about Shame-Proofing Parenting.

Mercedes Samudio is a parent coach who supports parents and children to communicate with each other, manage emotional trauma, navigate social media and technology together, and develop healthy parent-child relationships. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private parent coaching practice, Mercedes has worked with adoptive families, foster families, teen parents, parents navigating the child protective services system, and children living with mental illness. Mercedes seeks to empower parents to believe that they are already great guides for raising healthy and happy children.

[2:08] Tell me how you got to where you are today?

Mercedes Samudio - Shame Proof Parenting 3

[4:56]What are some ways that can help parents to get pass thee feeling of pressure at the beginning go school year?

[12:50] What are your thoughts about in incorporating the arts?

[16:47] Learning the skill they need to go to college, get a job and having a heart to serve the community.

[21:30] How is significant is homeschooling?

[23:51] What is your advice to parents for their kids career growth?

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[28:57] Parting piece of advice to parents?