Welcome Back to Our Young Creators! We’ll be continuing our chat about unleashing superpowers. Today we’ll be talking about intrapersonal superpowers.

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Raising smart kids 2.0 with Yong Pratt        
Raising smART Kids 2.0 Podcast          

In this episode of unleashing your child’s Super Powers Yong will be talking about Intrapersonal Super Powers

[1:45] Intrapersonal Intelligence

[2:57] Famous Intrapersonal learners

[3:09] Potential Careers in Intrapersonal Super Hero

[3:47] How do we use the arts to propel learning

[5:06] Couple of activities where their group in nature but independent learning

Get to know more about Intrapersonal Super Powers through Yong’s email yong@elkoarts.org

[5:51] Couple of tools you can use at home to unlock your child’s Intrapersonal Super Pow