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The origins of Our Young Creators began with a single question, “What if I could teach my kids to use technology to create content and contribute meaningfully to my business?”

Thus began an experiment to bring my 11-year old into my business by teaching her how to use her devices to become a CREATOR, not just a consumer. Daphne has since learned to blog and create graphics – skills which she’s using to serve others outside of OYC, fund her adventures and teach other families how to work side-by-side.

Meet Yong

Yong Pratt is the Chief Creator at Our Young Creators. She's a veteran podcaster, author of the book, Raising A Superhero: How to Unleash Your Child's 8 Super Powers & Propel Learning Through the Arts, mom of 2 daughters, wife, and lover of travel, coffee, reaching, and archery. 


Did you know?


Success Performance Solutions predicted that 65% of students will be employed in jobs THAT DON’T EXIST YET.


Thomas Frey, futurist, predicted that by 2030, over 2 BILLION JOBS won’t exist anymore – that’s more than 50% of all jobs today!


Dell Technologies report that by the same year, 85% of jobs in 2030 haven’t yet been created!

What does that mean for your kiddo?

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